What is vehicle detailing?

JA Auto Detailing know that vehicle detailing is so much more than just cleaning the inside and outside of your vehicle – it involves a much more thorough cleaning and restorative process using specialised tools and products to eliminate swirl marks, imperfections and any additional paint defects to achieve a flawless finish. 

The use of harmful cleaning materials and incorrect washing and drying techniques, can damage the paintwork of your vehicle and leave blemishes, scratches, swirl marks and holograms, and cause a reduction in the shine of your vehicle. Furthermore, this can lead to a depreciation in the value of your vehicle. JA Auto Detailing are your local experts in safe and professional paint correction, paint protection and gloss enhancement so your pride and joy is restored to its absolute best and transformed back to its former showroom glory! 

What is Paint Correction?

This is the process of removing swirl marks, imperfections and any additional paint defects that ruin the appearance of the paintwork. Firstly, your vehicle will be cleaned to remove any dirt, before drying it with our contactless drying equipment. An automotive clay bar will remove any bonded contaminants such as iron fall out, tar, glue or bugs. The paintwork is then fully inspected, and paint depth readings taken, before completing the paint correction procedure. This process consists of either a single stage correction (removing up to 75% of the vehicle defects) or a multiple stage correction that can remove up to 97% of the blemishes. 

Interior Detailing

At JA Auto Detailing we don’t just concentrate on the exterior of your vehicle, we are just as passionate about working to restore the interior to look as good as new. Our interior detailing services can include thoroughly cleaning the inside of the vehicle and removing dirt, dust and stains, as well as protecting interior trims and leather.  We can remove any odours and pet hairs.

What is Paint Protection?

Once we have corrected the delicate paint work we will then add 2 layers of Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light Ceramic coating topped with 1 layer of Gtechniq V4 Exo Overcoat for the definitive hydrophobic finish, Promoting an incrediable 3-5 years paint protection ensuring dirt repellency & a long term high gloss finish.Wheather your priamary objective is to add surface slickness, resist swirls and scratches or to simply avoid contamination, Gtechniq is at the pinnacle of paint protection.

What is Gloss Enhancement?

Gloss enhancement detailing also involves using a machine polisher to improve the appearance of paintwork by restoring the clarity, reviving colours, bringing back that glossy look and increasing the depth of shine. Gloss enhancement is not such an in depth process as full paint correction and deeper defects will remain, although they will appear significantly reduced. 

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